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Holidays Are Coming, Learn How To Prevent Kitchen Fires

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

A kitchen fire can cause serious damage, learn about how to prevent for the upcoming season 781-341-7007

With the upcoming holiday season we want you to be safe as possible, here are  tips on how to prevent kitchen fires...

1. Never putting metal in the microwave is something many people know and understand. But it's important to be aware of unexpected items that may contain metal too. In addition to utensils and aluminum foil, twist-tie wraps used to store food or bread can ignite in the microwave, according to Massachusetts' Public Fire Education Department.

2. When removing food or liquids from the microwave, use pot holders or gloves. Use extreme caution because even a minute or two in the microwave can make foods and cooking vessels much hotter than expected. Fires begin most often when what whatever is cooking gets too hot, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. That's why it is essential to always stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on what is cooking.

3. PAY ATTENTION TO THE PLACEMENT OF HANDLES.Enforcing a "3-foot child-free zone" around a stove is another top tip from the U.S. Fire Administration. This is smart to do with pets also.

4. ALWAYS UNPLUG APPLIANCES. Using deep fryers at home to make foods like deep-fried Thanksgiving turkey has become increasingly popular and increased the number of fires caused by the appliance, which peak on Thanksgiving Day, according to the USFA. In order to stay safe, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's food safety department has several pieces of advice. First of all, always read the manufacturer's manual for how to use the deep fryer and keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Before filling the fryer with oil, maker sure the appliance is turned off, wiped dry and not near any water. Never overcrowd the frying basket and do not touch it or add food while the basket is submerged. Again, never, ever leave it unattended. A deep fryer works very quickly and the potential for fire hazard increases when the food gets overcooked. A large pan lid, cookie sheet, baking soda and fire extinguisher should always be easy to get to in the kitchen. Rearrange things in the kitchen if necessary to have easy access to these items that can help stop a fire from spreading.

5. NEVER THROW WATER ON A GREASE OR ELECTRICAL FIRE.If any clothing catches fire, stop, drop and roll immediately to put out the flames. If any burns are apparent, follow the Center for Disease Control's guide for assessing and treating burns, and call 911 for help. No matter what, do not put butter or ointment on the burn. 

If you do experience a fire loss, please note we are available 24/7 for emergency services and will get you and your house back to good as fast as possible  

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